HUFFIN’ TEXTAS zine launch

Sticky is honoured to be the venue for the Melbourne launch of the zine HUFFIN’ TEXTAS, an extraordinary biography of the art collective Dexter Fletcher.

There’ll be the debut screening of their film Friday Night Theory, readings from the zine by special guests and a musical performance by The Newport Dolls.

Saturday 16th August, 4-6pm in Sticky Institute.
Facebook event page is here. Follow @fletcherdexter on Twitter.

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#IZM2014 Review: I really really like you

For International Zine Month 2014, Gemma from Instagramazine has 
done a daily zine review. Gemma has kindly let us repost them here.

Name: I really really like you

Media/publication details: 24 pages, square book, iridescent cardboard cover. Illustrated
artwork, narrative, by Ayano Takeuchi, $6 (available here)

Issue/series: none

Summary: Wordless short story about a girl, a book, a boy and feelings.

Should you read it? Yes. Why? I’ve read/looked through it a few times and keep picking up more of the ‘narrative’ There’s two sections: in the first one, it looks like a child is reading a book and imagining *that* narrative in her head. The second section seems more obscure: a young woman is trying to explain something to a young man and seems to panic as the end approaches; you’re never really sure if the woman is recalling childhood or if we’re seeing her the way she sees herself. But, oh gosh, the artwork. It’s stunning.

That’s *your* opinion. Why should OTHERS read the zine? it’s wordless, you can’t really be sure what the definitive story is, and other readers might come up with a completely different interpretation. I have previously mentioned that I’m a bit dense with word­free narratives, so you should probably seek out a copy and decide for yourself.

Contact info for the maker/s? (which includes contact details for the artist)

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#IZM2014 Review: Qwerty & You

For International Zine Month 2014, Gemma from Instagramazine has 
done a daily zine review. Gemma has kindly let us repost them here.

Name: Qwerty & You

Media/publication details: A4 pages folded into A5 book, full colour, poetry, prose, artwork, Sept 2010, $5

Issue/series: issue #1. ­A look at Little Red Riding Hood, a short story, a recipe, a paper toy & artists images, all for you.

Summary: Inaugural issue ­ variations on the theme ‘Red Riding Hood’, the tale’s history,
retellings and possible interpretations thereof…

Should you read it? Yes, but when you have time to attempt all the awesome
activities/suggestions included. It’s excellent rainy day reading ­ with the biggest teapot nearby. Why? It’s very interactive ­ a paper­cut­out toy wolf, a sewing pattern of sorts for your own Red hood, a recipe. There alone I have cited three possible ways in which a clumsy person (well, me) could meet death. Unsanitised discussion or creative work on fairytales will never go out of fashion (probably because they’re so damn gory and creepy…) and neither will hunting for whatever the hell the original story is supposed to ‘teach’ kids.

That’s *your* opinion. Why should OTHERS read the zine? You may be less clumsier and adept at cutting paper, baking bread goods and are more likely to consider the sewing pattern a ‘creative hack’ if you have a few minutes of free time and the right odds and ends around, those of whom I am indeed jealous.

Contact info for the maker/s? Editor Andrew Weatherill here.

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#IZM2014 Review: Ladybeard 2

For International Zine Month 2014, Gemma from Instagramazine has 
done a daily zine review. Gemma has kindly let us repost them here. 

Name: Ladybeard 2

Media/publication details: typewritten text, cursive, illustrations, A5, $2 AUD.***

Issue/series: no. 2 of 2 so far ­ ‘Transhistorical’

Summary: After hirsute self ­acceptance (as detailed in the first issue), the maker learns more about gender re-­education (the term used in the intro to this issue), talks more about beard pride, hormone levels and choosing an identity that fits, rather than one defined by society.

Should you read it? Well duh, yes (I shelled out for the first one, so obviously by buying this one). Why? I was curious to know what happened after the first issue was made and am a sucker for non­stereotypical happier endings.

That’s *your* opinion. Why should OTHERS read the zine? There’s lot of interesting information and observations about gender and sexuality identification, queer and intersex identities. If you read the first one, then you’ll probably want to read this too. There’s a bit of discussion about polycystic ovarian syndrome (which show up on a ‘female’ body as hair usually associated with adult/post­pubescent males). That sounds a lot more overwhelming than it should ­the zine­maker does an excellent job of presenting all this in a much friendlier, less convoluted way than I just did.

Contact info for the maker/s? Email ­ @
[***The maker states that earlier versions of material in this zine appeared in ‘The Scavenger’ and ‘Femme a Barbe’]

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Guided tour of Tonerpalooza by Dr Anna Poletti

The Queen’s Hall is pretty huge and some people can feel a bit intimidated by how much zine action happens at zine fairs, so we have the solution!

Zine academic Dr Anna Poletti will be doing tours of the Tonerpalooza fair at 1pm and 3pm, if you want to have a more informed trip around the many zine stalls that will be there tomorrow.

Dr Poletti is the author of authoritative zine tome Intimate Ephemera and writes extensively on the practice of zining.

1pm and 3pm!

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Tonerpalooza Maker Day – full workshops & talks timetable

Here is the full program for Tonerpalooza’s Maker Day, Saturday 21st June at 12-4pm, in The Courtyard of the State Library of Victoria.

A ZINE THING workshops
Frankston-based zine-facilitator extraordinaire A Zine Thing will be holding the group compilation zine projects ‘The Big Draw’, a ‘Black Out Poetry’ collection, and a general ‘Ask a Zinester’ workshop. A few nice ice-breaker zine group projects that any age or zine-experience level can contribute to.

LUKE SINCLAIR presents A Hundred Zines Currently Available In Sticky In Under An Hour
Luke Sinclair, a co-founder and current co-coordinator of Melbourne’s ‘ardent defenders of zine culture’ Sticky Institute, gives a presentation on a hundred zines you can just waltz into Sticky and buy right now. Likely to include journals, punks, comix, bakery, politics, cats, beards, sex, sorcery and chips.

Ayano Takeuchi, creator of wordless narrative comics such as ‘Audrey & Audrey’ and ‘I Really Really Like You’, and Becksley Felix, creator of perzines such as ‘Macarons Are Not Macaroons’ and ‘Ganache Is Not Spelt Ganash’, join forces for a workshop encouraging the personal voice in zines. Whether it be trivial or momentous, what compels someone to write or draw about their own lives in the zine format? Why is it something that’s often recommended by other zinemakers? And how would you go about getting started structuring your finished zine?

THE RIZZERIA hops over to Melbourne
The Rizzeria is a collective of self publishers and print makers in Sydney who own an RP3700 risograph stencil press, which they make available for public use through open-print sessions. They’re visiting with some of their zine wares for Tonerpalooza, and their own Jasha will be giving a brief talk on the work they do ‘up coast’ and presenting some of the goods they’re brought to Melbourne for Sunday’s fair.

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A Zine Thing at Tonerpalooza

The first workshop happening at Tonerpalooza maker day (Saturday 21st February, as it happens) is from Frankston-based facilitator extraordinaire A Zine Thing.

From 12.30pm, in the State Library’s Courtyard (don’t worry, it’s inside), they will be holding the group compilation zine projects ‘The Big Draw’, a ‘Black Out Poetry’ collection, and ageneral ‘Ask a Zinester’ workshop. A few nice ice-breaker zine group projects that any age or zine-experience level can contribute to. And it’s free!

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Tonerpalooza is this weekend.

By the way, this beautiful poster is by Katie Parrish. Thanks so much Katie <3

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Imaginary Fronds Zine Launch

As part of Tonerpalooza, in between the two days at the State Library, there will be a launch for Ashley Ronning & Sarah McNeil‘s new zine Imaginary Fronds (the follow up to their horticultural treat Plant Feelings) in Sticky.

Live music for the event will be by Habits and Waterfall Person, plus there’ll be dancing times afterwards with disco provided by DJ 11000.

Ashley + Sarah will also be offering drawings of “your once unknown plant identity” if you buy a copy of their zine.

Facebook event is here.

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‘Shoebox drive’ at Tonerpalooza

As you may know, the State Library of Victoria has a gargantuan zine archive stretching back many, many decades – but there will always be gaps in the collection they want to fill.

The SLV zine dept. is always looking for zine donations, old and new, for consideration to include in their collection. Therefore there will be a ‘shoebox drive’ at Tonerpalooza – asking for any attending zine collectors to dig through the tatty zine-filled shoeboxes at the back of the cupboard or shoved under the bed, and to donate anything to the SLV that they can’t feasibly imagine reading again.

This will mean that your previously-loved zines will be catalogued and preserved by people who truly appreciate their importance, for the benefit of future zine-heads, in one of the most extensive and respected zine collections in the Southern Hemisphere! So get exploring and don’t breathe in too much dust.

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