Tonerpalooza is this weekend.

By the way, this beautiful poster is by Katie Parrish. Thanks so much Katie <3

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Guided tour of Tonerpalooza by Dr Anna Poletti

The Queen’s Hall is pretty huge and some people can feel a bit intimidated by how much zine action happens at zine fairs, so we have the solution!

Zine academic Dr Anna Poletti will be doing tours of the Tonerpalooza fair at 1pm and 3pm, if you want to have a more informed trip around the many zine stalls that will be there tomorrow.

Dr Poletti is the author of authoritative zine tome Intimate Ephemera and writes extensively on the practice of zining.

1pm and 3pm!

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Tonerpalooza Maker Day – full workshops & talks timetable

Here is the full program for Tonerpalooza’s Maker Day, Saturday 21st June at 12-4pm, in The Courtyard of the State Library of Victoria.

A ZINE THING workshops
Frankston-based zine-facilitator extraordinaire A Zine Thing will be holding the group compilation zine projects ‘The Big Draw’, a ‘Black Out Poetry’ collection, and a general ‘Ask a Zinester’ workshop. A few nice ice-breaker zine group projects that any age or zine-experience level can contribute to.

LUKE SINCLAIR presents A Hundred Zines Currently Available In Sticky In Under An Hour
Luke Sinclair, a co-founder and current co-coordinator of Melbourne’s ‘ardent defenders of zine culture’ Sticky Institute, gives a presentation on a hundred zines you can just waltz into Sticky and buy right now. Likely to include journals, punks, comix, bakery, politics, cats, beards, sex, sorcery and chips.

Ayano Takeuchi, creator of wordless narrative comics such as ‘Audrey & Audrey’ and ‘I Really Really Like You’, and Becksley Felix, creator of perzines such as ‘Macarons Are Not Macaroons’ and ‘Ganache Is Not Spelt Ganash’, join forces for a workshop encouraging the personal voice in zines. Whether it be trivial or momentous, what compels someone to write or draw about their own lives in the zine format? Why is it something that’s often recommended by other zinemakers? And how would you go about getting started structuring your finished zine?

THE RIZZERIA hops over to Melbourne
The Rizzeria is a collective of self publishers and print makers in Sydney who own an RP3700 risograph stencil press, which they make available for public use through open-print sessions. They’re visiting with some of their zine wares for Tonerpalooza, and their own Jasha will be giving a brief talk on the work they do ‘up coast’ and presenting some of the goods they’re brought to Melbourne for Sunday’s fair.

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A Zine Thing at Tonerpalooza

The first workshop happening at Tonerpalooza maker day (Saturday 21st February, as it happens) is from Frankston-based facilitator extraordinaire A Zine Thing.

From 12.30pm, in the State Library’s Courtyard (don’t worry, it’s inside), they will be holding the group compilation zine projects ‘The Big Draw’, a ‘Black Out Poetry’ collection, and ageneral ‘Ask a Zinester’ workshop. A few nice ice-breaker zine group projects that any age or zine-experience level can contribute to. And it’s free!

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Imaginary Fronds Zine Launch

As part of Tonerpalooza, in between the two days at the State Library, there will be a launch for Ashley Ronning & Sarah McNeil‘s new zine Imaginary Fronds (the follow up to their horticultural treat Plant Feelings) in Sticky.

Live music for the event will be by Habits and Waterfall Person, plus there’ll be dancing times afterwards with disco provided by DJ 11000.

Ashley + Sarah will also be offering drawings of “your once unknown plant identity” if you buy a copy of their zine.

Facebook event is here.

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‘Shoebox drive’ at Tonerpalooza

As you may know, the State Library of Victoria has a gargantuan zine archive stretching back many, many decades – but there will always be gaps in the collection they want to fill.

The SLV zine dept. is always looking for zine donations, old and new, for consideration to include in their collection. Therefore there will be a ‘shoebox drive’ at Tonerpalooza – asking for any attending zine collectors to dig through the tatty zine-filled shoeboxes at the back of the cupboard or shoved under the bed, and to donate anything to the SLV that they can’t feasibly imagine reading again.

This will mean that your previously-loved zines will be catalogued and preserved by people who truly appreciate their importance, for the benefit of future zine-heads, in one of the most extensive and respected zine collections in the Southern Hemisphere! So get exploring and don’t breathe in too much dust.

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Piss Factory and Plastic Knife rock the rotunda

Here’s one of the events happening in between the two days of Tonerpalooza.

Piss Factory can be heard and downloaded here.

Plastic Knife can be heard and downloaded here.

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New Zealand Zine Round-up

By New Zealand’s Bryce Galloway

Hello Sticky, 10 months since I wrote. I still love you. Don’t be sad.

In fact, I love you enough that recently I asked you to send those Australian zines for the small press exhibition in Hamilton, New Zealand. Remember? Thanks for that.

To the rest of you, Sticky sent works by Ashley Ronning, Sarah McNeil, Karys McEwen, Nine, The Refugee Art Project, Fulsome Prism, Bastian Fox Phelan and Luke You for the small press survey exhibition that included work from roughly 70 zine entities and indie publishers. And before any train-spotters pull them up for including two of their own, that was my idea, OK!

small press was great. Can I say that, being that I was the co-curator (the other curator being Ramp Gallery’s Kim Paton)? I think I can, being that my involvement was one of facilitation more than creation. So, in many ways, just a space to celebrate the acknowledged greatness of what is out there in zine land. small press was also part of the inaugural Hamilton Zinefest; another way to introduce Hamilton to current incarnations of the zine scene.

Hamilton’s a tough crowd. It’s New Zealand’s biggest inland city, it grew up as a farming service centre for the Waikato, and as such, it suffers what those things usually mean. It’s also my hometown. The local council seem to have done little to manage the CBD and encourage the cultural life of the city. So yeah… a tough crowd. Being that Hamilton Zinefest was also my brainchild I was anxious that it succeed.

And it was choice! Lots of people at the small press opening. Lots of people at the market day. And a wonderfully mixed demographic, from yer arty teen high school weirdo through to ‘society of art’ ladies looking for a drop of Culture. The talks and workshops were an impressive list, and well attended. And that’s something even Wellington Zinefest has struggled to make work.

Hearty applause for the first ever Hamilton Zinefest committee of Wendy Richdale, Lynda Wilson and Aaron Christiansen. If it’s inappropriate to clap where you are, just clap your lips and kiss the screen, e-love voodoo styles.

The good vibes carried on at the after party where zinesters were entertained by Hamilton’s Pink Bats in their debut performance, Hamilton’s Wizzkids and Auckland’s X-Ray Fiends. These bands contain zinesters! I mounted the stage to announce the Best of Fest: 3rd place to Ziggy Lever (Auckland) for his nameless translucent zine wonder; 2nd place to Janice Abo Ganis, Janice Krause and Leafa Wilson (Tokoroa/Hamilton) for Tok, a journey through time and Tokoroa via documentary, portrait and vernacular photography; 1st place to Alex Wild (Auckland) & Vanessa Berry (Melbourne) for their split Boi Racer & Mazdabator / Everyone Drives A Used Car – a perzine in which the girls navigate their respective first used car relationships.

I’m confident that Hamilton Zinefest will happen again next year and become an annual event. Vindicated.

Something there’s little space for in these NZ Zine Roundups is individual reviews of NZ zines. For that, make sure you check out Tessa Stubbing and Kylie Buck’s NZ Zine Review.

A new review is posted to this site every week. And they make a print version annually. Issue 2 of the Annual was launched at Hamilton Zinefest. I found one posted in the Best of Fest entries box. NZ Zine Review would have been a contender, what with its split fountain cover art, reviews, articles, French folds and stitched binding. Tasty. But at the end of the day, an award for the zine about zines seemed too hellishly hall-of-mirrors for this judge.

Annual 2 includes a directory of NZ zine shops. New Zealand is still without a distro but there is a small network of shops that fill the gap somewhat. We just need one in Christchurch, but as they lost all their cheap rent retail in the 2011 earthquake we might have to wait until someone comes up with a creative solution. Tent shop? Dumpster shop? Man in a trench coat?

Auckland Zinefest is not far away. They’ve moved from a large venue to a gigantic one – the Auckland Old Folks’ Association Hall. I should feel quite at home.

So many zinefests on the New Zealand circuit now that it’s a circuit now. So many zinefests that I have to start choosing which one to attend. Auckland this year, it’s been a while. I’ll endeavour to let you know how it went. I’ll try not to leave it another 10 months. I’ll try and be a better friend. No promises but I’ll try… honest.

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The last Astroshite

Foreseen by Astrogirlzarro



The much talked-about (by me) Cardinal Grand Cross peaks on 23 April. Your quest to take on and complete various projects fails, thanks to being pulled in four directions (and not in a sexual way, I might add). This transit teaches you that multi-tasking is severely over-rated. Do the unthinkable: choose one task and complete it. What?! The period between 5 April and 3 May is one of your most spiritual. Escape the daily grind by grinding fair trade coffee beans in the Byron Bay Hinterland while loosely draped in cheesecloth. Mercury enters Aries on 7 April, awkwardly coinciding with the Section 18C amendment. Say no more.

Aries superfoods: onions, tomatoes, chilli



Mercury enters your sign on 23 April followed by the New Moon in Taurus on 28 April. These cycles set the scene for slow and steady movement. Savour the moments and be grateful for them. Revitalise a stagnant undertaking, like that failed two-minute noodle perm, under the Mercury-Jupiter-Pluto connection, and watch it spring to life. Expect unexpected down time around 2 April, as Uranus activates your house of retreat and lowers your blood pressure in one fell swoop.

Taurus superfoods: beans, peas, carrots



Venus’ affirmative energy helps you shift old zine stock and provides inspiration to create fresh DIY masterworks. You’ll be in a gregarious mood until 23 April. Your social experiences get (even more) twisted and unpredictable between 2 and 14 April, crashing Instagram with your snapshots of alternative uses for dental floss. Eeeek! You’ll have time to reflect on your dickhead actions at the end of the month when you’re ostracized by the Gods to the house of prisons, hospitals, and mental asylums out of embarrassment and bad taste.

Gemini superfoods: asparagus, sprouts, mushrooms



The Sun, Mercury, and Venus highlight work issues on 2 April. Your slippery boss may have wet dreams of replacing you and the rest of the staff with androids while he organises his trip to Tahiti, but fortunately, Venus steps in to steer you in the direction of teaching, writing, and some healthy zine-making activity. Yay! The New Moon in your social sector on 28 April gives you the green light to expand your network by moving in creative circles.

Cancer superfoods: fish, lettuce, parsley



Uranus generates restlessness from 2 April, urging you to stowaway on a ferryboat to see where it takes you: terminus #8 at Circular Quay, I presume. Experiment with unconventional philosophies such as Compatibilism and Cannibalism, but watch your cholesterol level. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus combine in your professional zone to help you make your mark with that inevitable Leo stamp – lipstick. Nobody can pucker a pout for success the way a Lion can.

Leo superfoods: eggs, raisins, lentils



Your most romantic period begins on 5 April. You’ll radiate desirability in an office administrator kinda way. Comprises are negotiated and others are content to meet you halfway in the open-plan office behind the stationery cupboard. You get an extra dose of lovin’ on 12 April when Neptune joins in. Fine wine, scented candles, and that tin of Catholic biscuits reserved for the executive department help set the scene for a special rendezvous. Late April is an excellent time to broaden your world by activating the right side of the brain with wanky-arty pursuits.

Virgo superfoods: beetroot, figs, almonds



The Full Moon in your sign combined with the Cardinal Grand Cross adds tension to a nagging issue. This is not the time to sweep your dirty laundry under the carpet or to air the two birds in your bush. In fact, this cycle asks that you avoid idioms altogether. They’re a dime among the pigeons. The Moon and Mars fly the flag for peace, while Venus and Neptune provide compassion. Ask what you can do to improve the planet without tapping a tambourine with your hip. Look to fellow Librans – Ghandi and Simon Cowell – for inspiration.

Libra superfoods: celery, corn, spinach



Creativity peaks for many Scorpions between 5 April and 3 May, thanks to the artistic force that is Venus. You’ll be bursting with ideas for zine creation. Get excited and share your passions with kindred spirits. This transit demands that you quit your usual scheming and scamming and have some fun for a change. Oh, I forgot; scheming and scamming is your idea of fun. Silly me!

Scorpio superfoods: rhubarb, kale, liver



Between 17 and 24 April, values surrounding money and how it’s distributed amongst family will weigh heavily on your mind like Gina Reinhart on a ski lift. The days of frozen TV dinners stuck to the kitchen ceiling are over now that Venus is adding her personal touch to your seedy share house. Expect an interesting twist to your love life between 2 and 14 April when you’re greeted by your concubine with a Chinese burn. Despite the discomfort, you go about your business with the zest of an orange. Avoid spray tans.

Sagittarius superfoods: red cabbage, parsnips, oats



There is change on the domestic front for the Goat between 2 and 14 April. You are drawn to the Vortex hot spots of Sedona, Montserrat, and Rooty Hill RSL. The New Moon on 28 April sparks a creative surge. Traditional art techniques are resurrected as you ditch the Modbook Pro for a Goat Hair Mop 3/4. Relationships will have an exaggerated but transformative quality between 17 and 24 April, thanks to the Pluto-Jupiter tango and some seriously sexy Bomba rhythms.

Capricorn superfoods: cheese, prunes, rye



‘Abundance’ is the keyword under the Venus transit between 5 April and 3 May. The hot action money date is 12 April when you hit the local TAB and blow two weeks’ pay. You’ll want to lounge around your abode more than usual under the New Moon of 28 April. Get you living space sorted by weeding, cleaning, and purifying it. You may not believe it, but housework is an act of magic. Ask any witch.

Aquarius superfoods: barley, apples, figs



You’ll be at home in your watery element when Venus and Neptune occupy Pisces from 5 April. Immerse yourself in the ocean and reconnect with your cosmic environment. April is the month for self-care, so be gentle with yourself. Financial matters are emphasised on 15 April. Cluey detective work unearths hidden capital lodged inside your Converse Chuck Taylors. I love it when the Universe solves those perplexing money mysteries.

Pisces superfoods: bilberries, cucumbers, dates


Many thanks to Astrogirlzarro for her years of writing Astroshite for us. Back copies of her “zine for astrology nerds”, Astrobabble, are available in Sticky.

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Plastic Knife and Piss Factory at Junior Gazette

Two bands that started as zines, but soon turned into bands, are playing together at Junior Gazette in Sydney the night before Other Worlds Zine Fair (which we will be attending).

Plastic Knife will be launching Plastic Knife #12. You can listen to, buy and download the album Plastic Knife #11 here.

Piss Factory have a new EP out, which you can listen to and download here.

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