TONERPALOOZA 2014 Zine Fair Callout!

The State Library of Victoria in association with Sticky Institute will be hosting the inaugral Tonerpalooza – a weekend-long celebration of zine making, zine collecting and zine reading – in June.

The climax of the weekend will be a huge zine fair, in the Queen’s Hall of the SLV, on Sunday 22nd June from 12-4pm. Zinemakers and distros are now welcome to apply for tables or half-tables at this event.

Please note: only zine stalls will be present, so if you are applying with a record stall / vintage clothing stall / craft stall / anything that isn’t primarily a zine stall, you will not be accepted.

Stalls are free but booking is essential. Please email with your name and the zine(s)/distro you’ll be representing to secure your spot. Stalls will be offered on a first come, first served basis, and the attending stall list will be finalised by the end of May.

More information regarding Tonerpalooza 2014 will be announced soon, right here at sticky institute dot com.

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Zine Crush #3 launch, with David Craft & friends

The Portland-based zine that collects stories about zinester-fancying, Zine Crush, is having the Australian launch of its third issue in Sticky. Because we have the hots for them, as it happens.

Live music will be provided by Perth’s own ‘Australiana’ purveyor David Craft, doing an acoustic set in the middle of his Melbourne tour (promoting new EP ‘Smokey Lungs & Dirty Puns’.)

There may also be, we hear, a human statue(!) and some refreshments. And hey, maybe some snogging.

$1 from every copy of the zine sold will be donated to the Canberra Rape Crisis Centre.

To find out more about Zine Crush – or submit a crush yourself! – contact

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Our statement on this year’s MCA Zine Fair

The Sticky Institute management committee has decided that Sticky Institute will not have a table at this year’s Zine Fair held at the Museum of Contemporary Art on May 25.

Among the MCA’s corporate sponsors are Transfield Services, a company recently awarded a contract to run mandatory detention centres for the Australian Government.

We believe that participation in the Fair would contribute to the creation of cultural value and validation for Transfield Services, a company whose profits partially derive from the mandatory detention of people seeking protection from abuses of their human rights.

We will instead be having a table at the Other Worlds Zine Fair on May 25. More information about the alternative Zine Fair can be found here and here.

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Suburbophobia comic #8 launch

We are delighted to announce that ‘Suburbophobia‘ creator Chris will be launching issue #8 of the autobiographical comic in Sticky.

There will be:
- a presentation on ‘autobiography and the truth in comics’
- free issues of #8 available
- plus the characters from Suburbophobia will be baked into gingerbread form for you to act out your favourite panels (or eat) (or both).

Zuckbook event is here.

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Astro Shite – 2014 Overview

Foreseen by Astrogirlzarro

Your ongoing experiment with self-discovery continues this year, thanks to Uranus, the planet of sudden transformations. Explore unconventional practises like fermenting your urine to the sounds of Einsturzende Neubauten in the name of performance art. Jupiter activates Uranus in your sign twice in 2014 (between February and May, and then September to October). The surprises will be colossal, they will be unpredictable, and they will be electrifying. You never thought Clive Palmer and his dinosaurs could be this much fun, did you?
Aries strengths: dynamic, brave, initiating

The action happens in the second half of 2014 with Saturn and Jupiter working together rather cordially. Finally, long held plans for change come to fruition. Jupiter brings progress to stagnant domestic situations, while relationship lessons are best understood with the help of wise Saturn. Adopt a flexible attitude when organising your daily routine. Ditch the Coolendar app and plan your days around your feelings and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
Taurus strengths: diligent, persevering, solid

This year’s themes are productivity and apprenticeship. Based on the movements of Saturn and Jupiter, you’ll require sustained effort to get out of bed and put on your pants. Focus on professional planning in the first half of the year by consulting Mark Bouris on how to master a smug and superior attitude. Mercury parks his butt in your sign for an extended stay, stimulating your mind with stimulating peeps on stimulants. Jupiter’s influence clears any writer’s block that may be holding you back, so 2014 should be a productive zine making year for many Twins.
Gemini strengths: multifaceted, adaptable, sharp

If you’ve blown all your cash on Craps and Baccarat over the Christmas period, take stock. This year, a fresh money cycle begins under Jupiter to save you from financial ruin. Personal development is another hot topic. Ouch! Check-in with yourself and see what areas need improving. Return those upper arms to the tuckshop lady, and exchange pies and lattes for Pilates. Don’t wait for external forces to bump you along; be bold and initiate change. David Bowie once said ‘turn and face the strange’, which means he wants you to look at Noel Fielding.
Cancer strengths: intuitive, imaginative, devoted

Jupiter enters your sign in the second half of the year, jumpstarting a twelve-year cycle of growth and adventure. You have renewed faith in humankind; Scorpios and Virgos think you’re a sucker. 2014 could be the year when you get the hell out of the country before Tony Mokbel catches up with you. Your days of living inside a whiskey barrel will cease when Saturn provides domestic stability. You move into a Kevin McCloud-approved bunker carved into the side of a grassy knoll in Winchester. The second half of 2014 sees many Leos achieving success with major projects. You will be at your most powerful, moving mountains and grassy knolls with poise and ease.
Leo strengths: benevolent, loyal, robust

2014 is like two years rolled into one for the efficient Virgo. The first half of the year will be busy and outgoing. By July, external activities slacken and the remainder of 2014 takes on a reflective tone. Mars activates productivity, so you’ll achieve more than usual, despite the fluctuating external situation. This isn’t the year to chill out in the kidney-shaped swimming pool while listening to Daft Punk and sipping Pepsi. Take on the perzine challenge of our time, which is to create a zine for every day of the year without going crazy. Neptune eases the stiffness in your mind and heart, enabling you to take a soulful approach to romance for a change. Marvin Gaye would be proud.
Virgo strengths: refined, self-effacing, secure

With Mars and the Karmic North Node inhabiting your sign this year, life-changing choices are possible if you are considering reinventing yourself like Jocelyn Wildenstein. Rad! Major events throughout 2014 will have a touch of destiny about them. If you experience de-ja-vu repeatedly, then you’ve been there before. The Gods want you to re-visit lost passions and re-ignite them with bangers and pinwheels. Mars triggers your sign for the first time in over thirty years. Assertive-compliancy issues will be on the agenda. Restore the balance between other people’s needs and your own.
Libra strengths: aesthetic, charming, tactful

2014 will be a year of extremes. Fortunately, that’s the way you like it. Anything else would be, well, in between. Mars activates the personal sphere of your solar chart. Achieving mastery over you mind and subconscious actions is a predominant theme. Your professional world expands in the second half of 2014. A job change, promotion, pay rise, or exploring a second career are all possible after July. Distance yourself from superficial relationships, no matter how good they look in latex, and pour your efforts into fundamental concerns. Your actions will determine future success. I guess they always do.
Scorpio strengths: cryptic, erotic, committed

A mid-year shift by Jupiter brings action, adventure, and that ring of confidence often found in toothpaste commercials. Financial matters are a priority until July. Sorting your pecuniary dramas ensures that you’ve got time and money to play with later in the year. Your career zone will be one of your least active, which is a blessing considering the flying trapeze routine you’ve been trying to perfect since Christmas.
Sagittarius strengths: sanguine, animated, adventurous

Every eight years, Venus extends her stay in your sign. This cycle gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the Love Goddess and enhance the romance in your life. Overhaul your appearance so that the outer reflects the inner you. Sorry, but turtlenecks and wombat sleeves are definitely *out* under this transit. You’ll spend ample time in the public domain thanks to Mars and the North Node, so you don’t want to prance around like a Frank Thring wardrobe disaster.
Capricorn strengths: dependable, pragmatic, sagacious

Life gets busy for the Water Bearer from July onwards. A new cycle in love and relationships begins under Jupiter, while Mars and Saturn combine to help you power forward professionally. Overall, 2014 is shaping up to be a sound year, and there isn’t more I can add to that.
Aquarius strengths: unique, unconventional, gregarious

That cliché ‘your health is your wealth’ will apply to many Pisceans this year, now that Jupiter asks to focus on wellbeing. Uranus, Mars and the North Node combine to help reshape your finances in unconventional and innovative ways (think bitcoin). The Universe throws you in the spotlight for most of 2014. You’ll crave excitement and danger where work is concerned. Admiring your office furniture and developing ‘computer shoulder’ are not part of the script. Get involved in physical action like tree lopping or garbage collecting. Have the courage to follow your instincts on leads that are thrown your way.
Pisces strengths: psychic, gentle, tolerant

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Plastic Knife #10 launch

The launch of Plastic Knife #10 is happening in Sticky on Friday 7th March at 6pm.

Plastic Knife will be playing live in-store, and there’ll also be vegan cupcakes and orange juice available.

Listen to Plastic Knife’s album ‘Plastic Knife #11′ here.

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White Night 2014: we’re up all night to…get zines done

Image pilfered from Vanity Project -

Sticky will again be open during White Night in 2014, the Melbourne festival that lasts from Saturday 22nd February into the early hours of Sunday 23rd. View the full program here.

Because of this, our hours on the weekend in question will be longer than usual – we’ll open as we regularly do at midday on Saturday, and close at 7am the next morning.

With such long opening hours, the focus for this year’s White Night in Sticky is: completion. Most zinemakers have, somewhere, an unfinished zine, even if it never left the idea stage. If you’re interested in completing a zine, re-editing a half-finished one, fleshing out a past zine, getting round to collaborating with a zine pal, even just making an zine idea you’ve had swimming around in your head for ages actually become real… we’re the place to do it. Fish those scraps of typewritten paper out of the bottom drawer and let them live up to their potential!

If it sounds like you’d be interested in taking part and you have an idea in mind, we’d love to hear about it:

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The list of events for Festival Of The Photocopier 2014 is now available to view here.

As well as the launch party at The Old Bar, the State Library zine collection tour, and of course our massive zine fair at the Town Hall, there’ll also be zine launches for Love & Other Indoor Sports #2, Plant Feelings, georgi johnston, Baking Babes, Talking Trash #5, Plastic Knife #11 and more. It’s going to be a good one and we hope you can join us.

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State Library of Victoria zine collection tour

As they’ve kindly done for the past few years, the State Library of Victoria will be giving a few lucky Sticky fans the chance to tour their mightily impressive zine collection as part of this year’s Festival Of The Photocopier.

As well as being sent huge donations of zines from across the country for decades now, the SLV also receives one copy of every Australian zine stocked with Sticky – meaning their collection of this nation’s zinery is hefty and unparalleled.

The tour takes place on Saturday 8th February between 2-3pm, meeting on the library steps at 1.45pm. A contingent of zinesters will be heading over after the Love & Other Indoor Sports #2 launch.

Spots for this tour are super limited, so you must contact in order to secure a space.

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Two events by Bastian Fox Phelan

THIS FRIDAY at 6pm in Sticky we’ll be having a talk and zine reading from the magnificent BASTIAN FOX PHELAN, creator of the zines Ladybeard, Thank You For Your Love, How To Be Alone and more.

“I will be talking about writing personal zines on gender & self-development and the process of writing a memoir. Readings from How to be Alone series and my novel-in-progress.”

Bastian will also be hosting Telling the Whole Story of Who You Are: a workshop on writing personal zines, in Sticky this Saturday from midday, for a suggested donation of $5. This involves “creative writing exercises designed to get you sharing with courage and authenticity.” Please email if you’re keen to attend:

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